Dee & Brittany: But Baby, It's Cold Outside...
Wednesday, January 08, 2014
By Y.CJones
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I intially met up with Dee & Brittany, who are newly-engaged and absolutely adorable, on a 32-degree day in early December of 2013.  By some standards, the chill may have been minor.  For the three of us, it was just about all that we could stand for an hour.  We journeyed together through Stonefield Commons here in Charlottesville, VA and ended up stopping for tea to warm our bones. 

When the forecast suggested a 70-degree (yes, 70 degee) day during the following weekend, we wanted to get together again to see how much more fun we could have.  This time we met at Sweet Haus Cupcake Cafe in Downtown Charlottesville and Dee's daughter joined the party for family cupcake decorating. 

Will and I are looking forward to being with these folks as they celebrate their nuptials in the spring.   

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