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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
By Y.CJones
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This end-of-May post will be rather tardy, in that these photos were taken back in March.  It is a more personal post than are my usual shares, so for that, I'll give myself a pass this time. ;) 

I had the great pleasure of spending a day with Danielle Finney of DFinney Photography during a one-on-one mentoring session customized especially for me! My initial model was even an expectant mama of twins (as I was a little more than a year ago), but as fate would have it, a blizzard had our meeting postponed and I was instead introduced to this adorable couple of then parents-to-be who delivered their little guy less than a week later.  :)

It was terribly cold that day in beautiful Old Towne Alexandria, VA; and neither Danielle nor myself are fans of fridgity so needless to say, we did more talking indoors than shooting out.  This worked out just fine since the main goal for me was to talk photographic creativity, technicality and business.   

I was not at all disappointed with my investment in time with Danielle.  She walked with me through my current process and practices and offered valuable information, profitable resources and actionable steps to elevate my endeavors.  Absolutely time and money well-spent.

Here are my favorite snaps from (at least) our time outside. :)  I know I should have been photographing Natasha and Kenny but as a fellow-creative, Danielle was just as interesting to me.  I'm certain I will eventually add more sessions with creative professionals to my portfolio.


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