[Personal] My Four Arrows.
Friday, July 04, 2014
By Y.CJones
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Most days, I can barely believe my life! :)  I'm so grateful for ALL that God consistently gives me grace to be steward over.  ...I'm also very tired. Lol.  I had to enlist the help of a friend to properly photograph my own children! Norkeita was so patient, so supportive, so accommodating... She played with and clowned for my babies while I sweated to snap as many images as I could before we all totally melted down.  I absolutely could NOT have executed this session without her.

As a professional photographer, working very closely with so many beautiful families through all of their meaningful life seasons, naturally, it has been especially important for me to capture my own family.  

As one might imagine, trying to corral 1-year-old twin boys while simultaneously keeping their fidgety big sisters--ages 6 and 4--relatively focused, while you photograph them is crazy business.  But that's our season right now, so I just went with it. <3  Also mixed up the styles of "colorless" here.  Just because I felt like it.  Who gon' check me? ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, My Four Arrows: 

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Aunti Brenda - you bring tears of joy, love, and everything else meaningful to life your family, work, all the hats you wear. strong woman of God all of this comes only from Him. Time with God can only bring the Love of him though you. you are so bless. I love all of your many works from each hat. Proud auntie Brenda . love you and the man beside you my baby will Jones.
Heidi - They are incredibly beautiful! What a family! And I liked your story of the logistical challenges of this shoot. As a mom of 5, I can relate. It's one thing to get everybody in one place, but pictures? Very hard!