Who's Behind the Lens?

My name is Yolonda. I am a self-taught photographic artistic in Charlottesville, VA.

I am taken with candid moments--large or small events that happen organically--and treasure them (when strung together) as the truest and most meaningful nuggets of our lives.

When I am not behind the lens, I am:

integrating into my life the formal studies I began at Hampton University and completed at the University of Virginia in art, philosophy, religion, social science, written composition, drama and business; working alongside my hubby <3--love him; home-educating, loving and cultivating our two precious and firey little princesses and beautiful infant twin boys; cultivating and celebrating natural ethnic hair and beauty; making music; and inspiring folks to swoon over their own lives in words and pictures through blogging.

I would feel honored to bring my unique sensitivity to the art of expressing your life in still images.